Build, test and deploy your code faster.

Leverage software development best practices without having to be an expert in infrastructure.

The why

We exist to improve the lives of software developers. Our Northstar is to make developers happier, more productive and more focused on the core problems they are trying to solve.

We believe that happy, productive, focused developers can boost an organization's ability to accomplish its goals and by extension, it just makes good business sense.

Every context switch, UI/UX friction, breakage, migration, etc. that a developer experience is compounded and results in a huge loss of productivity affecting the team and organization at large.

A developer's daily workflow should be straightforward, integrated and fast. Making the tools they are required to use more integrated, easier to learn and understand and smarter can have a transformative effect on the whole organization.

The team

Carlos Zuniga headshot
Carlos Zuniga
Co-Founder & CEO

Carlos is passionate about developer productivity and beautiful UX.

With over 17 years of experience as a software engineer, Carlos has worked with many different tech stacks, toolkits and software methodologies. He still firmly believes that it is possible to help developers build, maintain and operate systems much more efficiently.

Born and raised in San José, Costa Rica, Carlos holds a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Science from the Universidad de Costa Rica. He currently resides in the Bay Area, California, where he initially moved to work for Google as a software developer for nine years.

Carlos enjoys riding his recumbent trike, watching movies, and spending time with his wife in his spare time.

Matias Dell Amerlina headshot
Matias Dell Amerlina
Co-Founder & CTO

Matias lives and breathes software automation and infrastructure as code.

In his 17 years of experience in software development, he has worked in various industries and tech stacks, about four years ago, he transitioned to the infrastructure and automation side with an inclination towards cloud operations.

Originally born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, there, he graduated from Universidad de Buenos Aires with a Licentiate's degree in Computer Science. He also holds a Master's degree in Computer Software Engineering from International Technological University.

When not working, Matias enjoys spending time with his family, swimming, riding his bike, and running.