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HIIG: Building an audience

Carlos Zuniga Published on April 26, 2021

So you think you have a great idea, you are working on your product, however, few people really care or know about it. This is the kind of situation we are currently in, we are frantically working on our MVP but we are also building a community of interested potential users who might sign up once we are open for business.

In an ideal world, we would have been building some kind of audience for years, well before we even decided to start a company, by leveraging our social media presence we’d be able to reach hundreds of people who at the same time could amplify our own voices. Unfortunately, the reality is that neither Matias nor I have large followings and we mostly use social media for consumption instead of the actual production of content.

The approach we are currently taking is to produce content in our blog post that is

  1. useful
  2. as genuine as possible and then participate in communities we think might be interested in what we have to say. An important point is that this is the kind of thing that you get out of what you put into.
An analytics graph showing pageviews

As you can see above so far we’ve had some modest results but we understand that we’ll have to keep at it in order to grow our reach.

This was the first post of our How is it going series where we share our journey of building Xtages, thank you for reading and please tell us what you think at https://www.xtages.com/contact.html