How is it going HIIG

How is it going

Carlos Zuniga Published on April 26, 2021

Xtages is a very early-stage startup and as such we are still figuring out the best way to build our business. As technical co-founders, Matias and I have a very clear idea of what we need to do on the tech side but we are still giving our first steps on the biz dev side (although learning rapidly).

Since we are learning so much throughout this experience we figured we’d share some of that with the world and as such we are starting a new series of blog posts that we’ll call “How is it going”.

Throughout the “How is it going”(or HIIG for short) series we will make an effort to share, at least weekly, one aspect of our journey. The topics of these posts will be varied and might range from how we are trying to build an audience for our product, to how we are thinking of our roadmap, or how we are solving a certain technical problem. We will make our best to keep the posts short, to the point and hopefully useful.

Check out the first article in this series!

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