Xtages helps you develop, test and deploy your apps faster.

Stop worrying about setting up your development workflow or a production environment, we take care of that so you can focus on solving your customer's problems.

Experience a better way to build software

Xtages is revolutionizing the way software is built and delivered. We are working so you don't have to craft your own software development workflow, no more jumping from service to service, all with different UIs, vocabulary, and permission models; instead, we help you focus on what you are building. We include best practices like CI, CD, isolated environments and monitoring in our offering so you can be confident in what you are building and how you are delivering it to your users.

CI / CD pipelines

Get CI / CD pipelines out-of-the-box with your Xtages projects. No need to wade through heaps of YAML files; the pipelines are configured automatically based on conventions.

Build results at your fingertips

See the results of your build pipelines and start deployments right from GitHub with our browser extension. Get notified when your builds break, are deployed, or are promoted.

Staging and prod environments

Get staging and production environments running on the Xtages Cloud. You don't need to configure virtual networks, permissions and roles, container clusters or anything like that; after creating a project; you are ready to rock. Use your staging environment to validate your releases before they make it to your customers.

Monitoring made simple (coming soon)

Keep tabs on your apps with the monitoring dashboards included out-of-the-box in Xtages projects. Figure out, at a glance, how many requests your apps are receiving, the rate of errors returned, etc., all without having to configure anything.

Alerting (coming soon)

Get meaningful alerting to know when your service is misbehaving. Set up escalation queues to make sure alerts go to the right people right away and don't fall through the cracks.

GitHub checks support (coming soon)

Make sure tests are passing before merging PRs. Lint, format and check code quality through static analysis.

What makes us different?

Take a look at our comparisons page where we analyze how we stack up to the other players in the market.

Supported technologies
Xtages helps you keep up with best practices that are used by tech giants without worrying about difficult to set up and manage internal infrastructure.
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Create projects, tests and deploy pipelines.

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Deploy your app to the Xtages cloud.

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Ruby on Rails

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